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Kalvicholai E Development Center  
(*Education  *Empowerment  *Employment  * Economics  *Electronics  *Entrepreneurship)
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List of Domains in which various Courses are Run at  our KalviCholai Training Programs both Online & Offline

  • Arts & Crafts                                (Painting, Drawing, Embroidery, etc)

  • Music & Dance                            (Piano, Guitar, Folk Dance, Western Dance etc)

  • Brain Development                     (Abacus, Speeding Listening, Memory Classes, Speed Writing etc)

  • Other Language Learning          (Spoken English, Hindi, French, German etc)

  • Sports & Recreation                   (Chess, Silambam, martial Arts, outdoor Sports etc)

  • Health & Fitness                          (Yoga, Meditation, Aerobic Classes, Ground Fitness etc)

  • Life Skills                                     (Self Awareness, Self Management, Value Systems, Achievement Drive etc)

  • Mental Health                              (Anger Management, Fear Management, Stress Management etc)

  • Computer Skills                          ( MS Office, Photoshop, Website Development, App Creation)

  • Personality Development          ( Interview Skills, Communication Skills, Leadership Skills etc)

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