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      Kalvicholai EDC Activities


    As a part our Initiative we are happy to announce about the opportunity created to be a part of our Network. Based on the need and requests from our Subscribers, Students, Parents various Educators and our patrons we have leaped a step forward towards starting more than 100 E Development Centers by the end of 2020 and complete 400 E Development Centres by the end of 2021 across Tamil Nadu to facilitate students of rural areas to access Online Education and various Vocational Training.


            Salient features of KALVICHOLAI E development center

       Under this Kalvicholai E development Center there are various activities and training's which will be run to serve the needy. There are three domains and activities run under this Franchise

1. E Development Information & Training Services

2. E Development Products & Services

3. E Development Media broadcasting & Marketing

All the above services are operated in one roof under the name KALVICHOLAI E development centerUnder E Development Information & Training Services various Information & training activities related to E Developments will be taught and conducted at KALVICHOLAI E development center.

  • School Education related Information & Content

  • School & Organisational English Learning Programs

  • Computer & IT Skills Training

  • Competitive Exams preparation Training's

  • Interview and job Skills Training

  • Industry and Home based Vocational Skill Training's

  • Entrepreneurship Development Programs

  • Life Skills & Soft Skills Training's

  • Psychology & Motivational Training Programs

  • Sports & Fitness Training Programs

  • Allied government skill Development Training Projects


                More than 1000 Students, women, and working men will be benefited from the above training's in every Kalvicholai Centers located across Tamil Nadu every year.

                Under E Development Products & Services various products and services related to E development Domains will be sold at above said center


  • Sales & Servicing products related E Development Domains

  • School Stationary

  • Educational Computer Software

  • Mind Games & Toys

  • Educational Books

  • Smart & Innovative Products

  • Assisted Health related Products

  • Organic Health related Products

  • Electronic Medium related Products

  • Innovative Electronic Devices

                More than 10,000 Kids, Students, working people, Homemakers, and Old Age people will be benefited from buying the above mentioned Products in every Kalvicholai EDCs located across Tamil Nadu every year.

               Under E Development Media Broadcasting various Programs related to E Development will be telecasted at Kalvicholai TV.

  1. School & Science Education

  2. Competitive Exams Preparation

  3. Motivational Programs

  4. Health Management

  5. Job & Business Opportunities

  6. Arts & Crafts

  7. Agricultural Scientific Developments

  8. Fitness & Sports

  9. Career Development

  10. Self Management


               More than 1,00,000 Kids, Students, working people, Homemakers, and Old Age people will be benefited from getting awareness and information from the above Programs and Advertisements happening near every Franchise located across Tamil Nadu every year.

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