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                      Kalvicholai has estimated to provide a wide range of Educational learning process through academic, vocational and self improvement skill development opportunities for school & college students, housewives, working professionals, self employed, and small Businesses. We offer more than 40 courses, through our tie up with various renowned national and international educational and vocational training institutions, universities and Professional Organisations. These institutions are rising strong in higher education with promising Quality, Security and Placement with employment and businesses. Our educational programs are designed to equip the learners with knowledge and wisdom that helps them to achieve what they want to be and go where they want to go in the ladder of success. Apart from providing excellent education our channel have well-planned module to provide awareness and knowledge to all ages through our wide array of educational quality content programmed schedule.








Vision of Kalvicholai EDC

  •  To Educate everyone to have better Awareness

  • To Empower them through skill Training

  • To equip them to get better Employment

  • To facilitate and train the Interested towards Entrepreneurship

  • To make everyone well versed in Electronic Medium

  • To Strengthen their overall Economic Growth       

        Mission of Kalvicholai EDC

  • We are dedicated towards fairness, quality and better customer Service

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